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This is a home-based practice, and a member of my household is immunocompromised due to ongoing chemotherapy. As of today, I will be holding all sessions online or by telephone.  Whichever platform you prefer is fine with me; however, not all options are equally secure in terms of HIPAA. If you have privacy concerns, we should meet via Zoom as I have a HIPAA-compliant contract with Zoom. 

I have added a Free Support Group for Service Industry Workers. Click here for more information. 

New clients should book the initial consult online, and then I will reach out to determine how you would like to conduct the session.  Existing clients can text me anytime about scheduling a session, in-person or online. 

Thanks for your consideration.  We all need to be calm and focused on good health, but also cautious.  

Last updated Wednesday, April 2, 2020. 

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